Profit from Champions and Europa League

I don’t know if you’ve noticed an interesting betting phenomenon, but this may be useful for you when you bet on football matches. At least I took some advantage of it this season and I am quite pleased with that.

I am talking about the matches from the preliminary rounds of the Champions League and Europa League. What is noticeable in these games is that they often end with very serious results for the favorites.

You know that in these matches many times teams from amateur football championships play against teams from weaker, but still professional football championships in Europe. You have to admit that there is a significant difference in class between these teams. Betting houses considerbetting this fact and rarely offer odds higher than 1.2 in favor of the favorites. Odds which are just pointless to be played.

However, I used this year’s game on Asian Handicap in favor of the favorites. Typically, an advantage which must be overcome for a successful bet is within 2 goals, and it seems that it still happens often enough.

Of course, sometimes we can see surprising results such as this year’s victory of the team from Luxembourg Dudelange against the champion of Austria – Salzburg, but these are rather isolated cases.

What can be expected in this betting system is a profit of around 10 percent within a month and this is not bad as a result.

However, this betting system has a serious problem that must be considered before you start playing. The problem is that there are very few matches to be played. We are talking about three preliminary rounds in both tournaments and about 100 to 120 matches total to be bet. Unfortunately, few matches require a greater amount of money invested, so if you decide to try this betting system prepare a bigger starting bank or use a higher percentage from your bank for any single bet.

Make several betting accounts

All involved long enough with sports betting know how important it is to open several accounts in different bookmakers. Naturally, this rule applies mainly for serious punters who really want to be professionals. Why is it so important to have several accounts in different betting houses? Thus, the bettor can choose the highest odds for his picks. Clearly, if bookmaker A offers for a match one odds, the bookmakers B can offer higher odds and thus increase your chances of winning.

When we talk about multiple accounts with different bookmakers, then one of them must be Sportingbet. This betting house is known for its good attitude towards clients and the great betting possibilities that it offers. bettingSportingbet is great on all the conditions in terms of loyalty to clients. Actually, they have invested so much in advertising and software that simply cannot afford bad attitude towards customers. We all know, there is hardly anything more useful for punters than an honest and friendly to customers bookmaker.

Sportingbet offers pretty good starting bonuses for their customers. Their bonus program is associated with the so-called first losing bet. What is it? Every new customer receives the right from Sportingbet for a full refund of his first bet if it loses. The bonus amount is up to a maximum of 50 pounds. This system is excellent because it allows a hundred percent sure bet and that means very comfortable and safe, otherwise risky game.

How can we use this bonus system properly? Before you open an account with Sportingbet make good analysis of the incoming matches. Wait until you find the right one, where you do have good chances to make correct prediction. Of course, it is important that this match is with big odds. Bet it and cross your fingers to succeed. If you fail, just require back the 50 euro you have bet and keep betting in your normal rate.

Honesty and good attitude towards clients combined with excellent odds and a huge range of sporting events to bet on. This is Sportingbet. A place for punters.

Below you will find a tutorial about how to open an account in BWin

Dynamo Zagreb versus Sheriff Tiraspol

Dynamo Zagreb and Sheriff Tiraspol will decide in the second match which team will go through to the final qualifying round of the Champions League. The first meeting between these two was won by the Croatians with 1-0 in Moldova. This is why Dynamo will come out in this game as the favourites. The bookies give them a serious advantage and their chances of winning are estimated at odds of 1.4.

I can’t agree with this one and the reasons for my prediction are two.

First of all even with the loss in the first game at home, Sheriff Tiraspol bettingremains a sufficiently strong club that has success in these qualifications. Before the match with Dynamo the team from Moldova won twice against its first opponent in the qualifiers in the Champions League and also has four wins from four matches in the domestic championship.

Dynamo in turn, despite their victory were not particularly convincing in their matches so far. In the first qualifying round they managed to win with great difficulty against the Bulgarian team Ludogorets with overtime goals in both games. In the championship of Croatia Dynamo also made a surprising draw and managed to achieve two difficult victories. The fact is that their game is not good enough and only luck has covered them so far.

Will their luck end tonight in the match against Sheriff? I am not sure about it, but I know that the odds given by the bookmakers are very attractive. You can bet for Sherriff’s win with a handicap of +1, 1.5 with odds of 1.9. So far in this year’s UEFA Champions League Dynamo haven’t win with more than one goal difference. The same can be said about the championship of Croatia where both of their wins came by just one goal difference. I don’t see their chances to win with two goals or more are so big in the rematch with Sheriff Tiraspol.

That’s why I will bet for the team from Moldova with Asian Handicap advantage of +1, 1.5. The coefficient for this prediction is 1.9

Before making your bet take a look on the video below. It is from the match between Dynamo Zagreb and Ludogoretz from Bulgatia.