Make several betting accounts

All involved long enough with sports betting know how important it is to open several accounts in different bookmakers. Naturally, this rule applies mainly for serious punters who really want to be professionals. Why is it so important to have several accounts in different betting houses? Thus, the bettor can choose the highest odds for his picks. Clearly, if bookmaker A offers for a match one odds, the bookmakers B can offer higher odds and thus increase your chances of winning.

When we talk about multiple accounts with different bookmakers, then one of them must be Sportingbet. This betting house is known for its good attitude towards clients and the great betting possibilities that it offers. bettingSportingbet is great on all the conditions in terms of loyalty to clients. Actually, they have invested so much in advertising and software that simply cannot afford bad attitude towards customers. We all know, there is hardly anything more useful for punters than an honest and friendly to customers bookmaker.

Sportingbet offers pretty good starting bonuses for their customers. Their bonus program is associated with the so-called first losing bet. What is it? Every new customer receives the right from Sportingbet for a full refund of his first bet if it loses. The bonus amount is up to a maximum of 50 pounds. This system is excellent because it allows a hundred percent sure bet and that means very comfortable and safe, otherwise risky game.

How can we use this bonus system properly? Before you open an account with Sportingbet make good analysis of the incoming matches. Wait until you find the right one, where you do have good chances to make correct prediction. Of course, it is important that this match is with big odds. Bet it and cross your fingers to succeed. If you fail, just require back the 50 euro you have bet and keep betting in your normal rate.

Honesty and good attitude towards clients combined with excellent odds and a huge range of sporting events to bet on. This is Sportingbet. A place for punters.

Below you will find a tutorial about how to open an account in BWin

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